Ice Cream Freezers For Haagen-Dazs & Other Famous Brands

Ideal Way To Promote Famous Ice Cream Brands

We specialize in custom-branded freezers for Haagen-Dazs and the other most famous ice cream brands in the world. It's a great solution for franchise stores, convenience stores, cafes, and concession stands to serve ice cream.

Different Types Of Ice Cream Freezers For Haagen Dazs Or Other Famous Brands

Ice cream is a favorite and popular food for people of different age groups, so it is commonly considered as one of the main profitable items for retail and catering businesses. As we know that ice cream needs to be frozen to keep it in solid form and fresh all the time, such a frozen dessert usually contains some dairy products like milk and cream and combined with fruit flavors, yogurt, and other ingredients which are perishable, it’s easy to cause to adverse effects in taste and texture of ice cream if stored at a lower temperature, or easy to melt and soften at a higher temperature, all these would definitely ruin consumer’s experience. So for the purpose of ensuring your customers enjoy your ice cream with the best taste and texture, you need to invest in a proper ice cream freezer to store your ice cream in an optimal condition at precise freezing temperatures & humidity. In addition to storage purposes, some commercial freezers also can be used as a showcase to display ice cream, especially for supplying famous brands like Haagen-Dazs, a custom-branded ice cream freezer that can greatly help catch the attention of your customers and boost your sales. 

Things To Consider When Choosing A Ice Cream Freezer

As mentioned above, choosing a proper freezer is very essential to keep your ice cream fresh to taste with the best flavor and texture, as there are some specific storage conditions that are required for different types of ice cream. To ensure you are serving or supplying the ice cream with the best quality, you need to take some other factors below into consideration.


For storing ice cream, specific types of commercial freezers have temperature ranges for specific purposes of storage, however, the appropriate range is commonly adjustable between -13°F and -0.4 °F (-25°C and -18°C) not only for ice cream but also for other frozen foods. To keep your products fresh and ensure your customers a joyful experience, it’s necessary to get an ice cream freezer with an accurate temperature.


One of the key factors you may first think about is whether the freezer has sufficient space to contain all the flavors that you like to serve and display. The larger size of your ice cream freezer will apparently have more space to store items. The storage capacity you wish depends on some factors such as the space available for the placement. The number of flavors depends on the foot traffic in your business establishment.

Energy Efficiency

It’s necessary to notice the energy star rating when you are buying an ice cream freezer. In addition to the outstanding performance, an ideal unit also needs to have the feature of saving power consumption. As you serve your ice cream and frozen foods in the long term, that can greatly save money and help make your business profitable and successful.

Types Of Ice Cream

As mentioned above, precise temperature and humidity are particularly crucial for storing ice creams, different types of ice cream require different ranges for their specific ingredients. As each type of ice cream freezer is designed to provide a particular condition for your purposes. So you need to choose a freezer according to what types of ice cream you wish to sell.

What Types Of Freezers Can Help Promote Your Branded Ice Creams

Below are some examples that we have customized for some franchisers and wholesalers of famous ice cream brands. We can help customize the freezers with something special to highlight your brands or to meet your business requirement, all these freezers can go with some custom styles, parts, or accessories. At Nenwell, we can make the ice cream freezers with your branded logo and artwork design, or even if you don’t have anything ready to go, it doesn’t matter, we have a design team to help you make it out.

Countertop Mini Freezer

  • These freezers with small sizes are great to be set on the countertop for retail or catering businesses to sell ice cream, particularly for stores with limited space. Different styles and capacities are available.
  • The surfaces of the freezers and glass doors can be overlaid with fancy branding graphics of some famous ice cream brands to increase customers’ impulse buying.
  • Temperature range between -13°F and -0.4 °F (-25°C and -18°C).

Countertop Mini Freezer With Lightbox

  • These countertop display freezers have a lightbox on top to display branded logo of Haagen-Dazs and other famous ice cream brands and make the fridges look more attractive, and surfaces of freezers can be overlaid with your graphics to increase brand awareness.
  • Different models and capacities are available, these fridges with small sizes are suitable to place on the countertop of cafeterias and convenience stores.
  • Temperature range between -13°F and -0.4 °F (-25°C and -18°C).

Upright Display Freezer

  • Perform well at freezing and maintain constant and optimal temperatures to hold your ice cream and frozen foods with their best flavor and texture.
  • These upright display freezers provide wide options available to meet different requirements, they are perfectly used as ice cream showcases for supermarkets, convenience stores, cafes, etc.
  • Super clear insulated glass doors and LED interior lighting help highlight your frozen products to draw consumers’ eyes.
  • Temperature range between -13°F and -0.4 °F (-25°C and -18°C), or customizable.

Slimline Display Freezer

  • Skinny and tall design with large capacity is an ideal solution for stores with limited space, such as snack bars, cafeterias, convenience stores, etc.
  • Excellent freezing performance & thermal insulation helps these slim freezers hold ice cream with accurate temperature.
  • If put the logo and branded graphics on these slimline freezers, that will make them more fancy and impressive to draw attention from your customer.
  • Maintain the temperatures in a range between -13°F and -0.4 °F (-25°C and -18°C).

Chest Display Freezer

  • With super clear tempered glass sliding top lids, flat and curved designs are available.
  • Horizontal design allows customers to easily overlook and get access to the ice creams.
  • The storage baskets inside help orderly organize your frozen products, people don’t need to spend much time to find what they want.
  • Temperatures range between -13°F and -0.4 °F (-25°C and -18°C), or as your requirements.

Ice Cream Dipping Showcase

  • These ice cream display freezers are designed with multiple pans to hold various flavors for different needs.
  • The horizontal placement allows people to easily view all the flavors in the pans.
  • Outstanding performance at freezing and thermal insulation help these showcases hold ice cream and gelato with optimal temperature.
  • Hold the temperatures in a range between -13°F and -0.4 °F (-25°C and -18°C).

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