Commercial Refrigerated Beverage Dispenser Machines

Commercial Refrigerated Beverage Dispenser Machine
With a stunning design and some outstanding features, it’s a great solution for eateries, convenience stores, cafes, and concession stands to serve their popular fresh juice and cold drinks.

Commercial Refrigerated Beverage Dispenser Machine For Juice And Cold Drinks

With a commercial refrigerated juice dispenser, you can easily serve fresh orange juice, grape juice, lemonade, soda, and other pre-made drinks to the customers. Such a type of machine provides a refrigeration function to constantly keep your drinks at an optimal temperature to taste perfectly even during the hottest summer’s day. Additionally, it comes with an accessible design to allow guests to quickly serve their own nice juice and drinks, so a refrigerated drink dispenser can help improve your efficiency of beverage service, and ensure your guests enjoy their drinks with the best taste and texture.

Models Of Commercial Refrigerated Drink Dispensers

There are different models with different storage capacities for low or high foot-traffic businesses. These juice dispensers come with 1, 2, and 3 tanks (compartments) available for different requirements that can allow you to serve 1 or more best-popular flavors in the same dispenser. With a refrigerated beverage dispenser, your refreshing juices can be easily stored and chilled, and conveniently served to your customers at a convenience store, restaurant, or cafe.

NW-CRL1S 3.2 Gallon Single-Tank Beverage Dispenser

NW-CRL1S 3.2 Gallon Single-Tank Beverage Dispenser

Model No. NW-CRL1S
Qnty. Of Tank 1 Tank
Storage Capacity 3.2 US gallon/12L
Temperature Range 3~8 degrees Celsius
Weight 1.41 Ounces
Package Dimensions 28.5 x 21 x 13.6 Inches
Stirring System Paddle Stirring System
Temperature Control Digital Temperature Control System
NW-CRL2S 6.4 Gallon Dua-Tank Beverage Dispenser

NW-CRL2S 6.4 Gallon Dua-Tank Beverage Dispenser

Model No. NW-CRL2S
Qnty. Of Tank 2 Tanks
Storage Capacity 6.4 US gallon/24L
Temperature Range 3~8 degrees Celsius
Weight 71.8 pounds
Package Dimensions 28.5 x 21.5 x 21.5 inches
Stirring System Paddle Stirring System
Temperature Control Digital Temperature Control System
NW-CRL3S 9.6 Gallon Tri-Tank Beverage Dispenser

NW-CRL3S 9.6 Gallon Tri-Tank Beverage Dispenser

Model No. NW-CRL3S
Qnty. Of Tank 3 Tanks
Storage Capacity 9.6 US gallon/36L
Temperature Range 3~8 degrees Celsius
Weight 1.41 Ounces
Package Dimensions 28.75 x 28.5 x 21.5 Inches
Stirring System Paddle Stirring System
Temperature Control Digital Temperature Control System

Highlighted Features Of Refrigerated Juice Dispensers

Storage Tank - Refrigerated Beverage Dispenser

Each tank comes with a large capacity of 3.2 gallons and is made of high-density polycarbonate that is durable & unbreakable. BPA-free & food-grade material ensures the safety and health of users. 

Clear Visibility - Commercial Cold Drink Dispenser

All tanks provide super clear visibility to display colorful juice and drinks and allow customers to easily browse what’s their flavorable drinks inside.

Gallon Scale Mark - Refrigerated Drink Dispenser

The tanks have scale marks that can let you know how much beverage is left, and allow you to monitor how much is being vended.

Refrigeration System - Refrigerated Juice Dispenser

High-performance & efficient refrigeration system consistently maintains the temperature in a range of 32-50°F (0-10°C), which is the optimal condition to store your beverage with the best taste.

Stirring Paddles - Commercial Drink Dispenser

Magnetic stirring paddles are directly driven by a powerful motor, the beverage can be mixed evenly, and avoid oxidation and froth that may affect taste and texture.

Stainless Steel Accessories - Commercial Juice Dispenser

These dispenser machines come with durable stainless steel refrigerating cylinders, dispense valves, handles, and overflow trays.

Powerful Motor - Commercial Refrigerated Juice Dispenser

The hermetic compressor with middle or high back pressure is driven by a step motor that works with low noise less than 55db, uses environment-friendly CFC-free R134A refrigerant.

Temperature Control - Commercial Cold Juice Dispenser

These refrigerated drink dispensers have an electronic digital temperature controller, which can easily and precisely control the temperature of each tank individually.

Purpose Of Using A Commercial Beverage Dispenser

Refrigerated beverage dispenser is a small type of commercial refrigeration equipment that can be used to serve cold drinks, fresh orange juice, soda, and other beverages on many occasions, such as ballroom, cafeteria, restaurant, snack bar, or celebration events. Having a cold drink dispenser with two or several tanks will offer several flavor options, and its size is not large and suitable to be set on the table or countertop without taking up much space. With the self-service design, your customers don’t need to request your servers and staff to help pour drinks.

How To Select A Proper Refrigerated Cold Drink Dispenser For Your Business

You may notice that there are various models and styles when purchasing a refrigerated drink dispenser. Units with PC (polycarbonate) tanks it's environmental-friendly same as glass alternatives, but it’s more tough and unbreakable. The surface resists stains and doesn’t release the smell and chemical substances into the drink. BPA-free polycarbonate with the food-grade feature is used to ensure safety and health. Its lightweight can save much effort to carry and transport. The tank wall is clearly transparent to monitor if it’s necessary to refill the drink without opening the lid. Tank with volume scale mark is better for you to know how much beverage you serve every day.

The acrylic tank also features lightweight and durable, it’s lighter than glass material and easy to move around. But it doesn’t mean that acrylic can completely prevent potentially breaking if it is roughly treated.

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