Reliable OEM Manufacturing Solution For Refrigerator Products

Nenwell is a professional manufacturer that can offer solutions for OEM manufacturing and design. In addition to our regular models that can make our users impressed with the unique styles and functional features, we also offer an excellent solution to help customers make products integrated with their own designs. All that not only satisfy our customer's specific requirement but also help them increase added value and grow a successful business.

Why We Can Help You Win In The Market

competive advantages | refrigerator manufacturing

Competitive Advantages

For a company in the market, the competitive advantages have to be built on some factors, which include quality, price, lead time, etc. With our extensive experience in manufacturing, we have confidence in ensuring our customers have their products with all these advantages satisfy their customer's needs.

Custom And Branding Solutions | refrigerator manufacturing

Custom And Branding Solutions

In a competitive market environment, it’s hard to grow your business successfully with homogenous products. Our manufacturing team can offer solutions for you to make refrigeration products with unique custom designs and your branded elements, which can help you break out of the difficulties.

Production Facilities | refrigerator manufacturing

Production Facilities

Nenwell always attaches importance to upgrading and updating production facilities in order to maintain the quality of our products to meet or exceed the international standard. We spend no less than 30% of our company’s budget on purchasing new equipment and maintaining our facilities.

Higher Quality Are Based On Rigorous Material Selection & Processing

Every piece of parts and components must be thoroughly tested before it is forwarded to the workshop for use. Any of them with defects must be rejected and returned to the suppliers.

Before the unfinished units are forwarded to the next process, each of them needs to pass the inspection and test.

Each component of finished units needs to be tested and inspected to ensure they properly refrigerate and illuminate, and avoid any noise and other failures.

For each batch of products, some units are randomly picked up and sent to the international standard laboratory for life testing. The humidity and temperature must be set according to test requirements. All inspection reports would be offered to customers.

Rigorous Material Selection & Processing | refrigerator manufacturing
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